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Harry Goode’s Outdoor Shop – Costa Shop Talk

Our next stop on the Costa Shop Talk tour takes us to Florida to the Harry Goode's Outdoor Shop. BD:Where is your shop located? Harry Goode's:We...
The Race To Guatemala

The Race To Guatemala – Fishing As Good As It Gets

Just before Christmas, we whisked our Race to Guatemala winner away to Casa Vieja Lodge for some epic offshore sailfish action. Of course we...
get in the spirit

Tis’ The Season

To all of us who love the outdoors, be it fishing, hunting, boating, hiking; what ever your version, we are driven by the seasons. The...
jerry's jig

A History of Jigs in California Sportfishing

Catching fish on a lure has always been fascinating and a challenge to me, so when I discovered jig fishing in California, I was...
holiday guide

15 “Can’t Go Wrong” Holiday Gift Ideas

Every year we wonder what to get the anglers in our lives or we have to make a list for others.  Here are 15...
Daiwa's Holiday Gift Ideas

Daiwa’s Holiday Gift Ideas

Daiwa has you covered for the best holiday gift ideas for you or your loved ones this year. No matter if you fish inshore,...
east county fishing shop

Costa Shop Talk – East County Bait & Tackle

We continue our tour of the many great local tackle shops around the country who cater to their local customer’s needs with great products...
weird video

3 Greats From BD’s Weird and Whacky Archive

We see a lot of crazy things scroll by in the world of social media, where everyone is armed with cameras ready to capture those crazy...
fishing tackle

3 Tackle Tips For SoCal Anglers

BD's Erik Landesfeind spends much of his time fishing SoCal waters for a variety of species.  Heavy into Saltwater bass, Erik shares his tips...
fishing tips

Hey What’s That? – Fishing Floating Objects

Floating Objects "Hey, what's that"? Those three little words hold so much potential when spoken on a boat offshore. Either trolling or running, the sighting...

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Oarfish – A Fish Story

Oarfish Oarfish are a seldom-documented, mysterious deepwater species. But every so often a storm pushes them up into the shallows. Oarfish Map When Mark first spotted these...

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