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Scuba diving, free diving, and spearfishing open up a magical world beneath the surface. A quite calm shrouds the adrenaline of the hunt, while a mindful eye watches for the hunter. Explore the amazing sights of the underwater world below either as a spectator or a predator.

Would You Swim With This 900-Pound Mako?

Mako Shark Swim You've got to see this excerpt from Bluewater Savages where a 900-pound mako shark shows up in the chum and the boys...
goliath groupervideo

Goliath Grouper Enrages Diver Hilarious Video

Goliath Grouper Enrages Diver Hilarious Video Check out this video of a diver having his mangrove snappers gobbled up by a swarm of hungry goliath...
marlin fishing

Spearfisherman Makes Headlines with Huge Marlin

Spearfisherman Makes History Joel Smith of San Diego has checked the "largest marlin taken with speargun in CA waters" box with his recent feat.  Joel...
spearfishing record

Potential Record Bluefin Speared

Monday, July 13th, I received the above picture from Capt. Brian Castleton of the New Seaforth, half day boat out of Seaforth Sportfishing. Brian...

Great White Sharks and Lionfish

It sure seems like more and more shark encounters are happening as of late. Do we chalk it up to more sharks or the...
ladies spearfishing

Rachel Bowman Lionfish Hunting Fishin Chick

We would like to introduce Capt. Rachel Bowman, our latest BD Fishin' Chick. BD: Where do you live? Rachel Bowman: I live in Marathon, Florida, in...

Spearing Wahoo With the Sharks

This video had me on the edge of my seat. Spearing big wahoo out of a school of hundreds of sharks. A really cool shot...

Crazy Fish Keep Coming

This year will be remembered by SoCal anglers as the year that strange and unheard of catches and sightings became common. Locally caught wahoo, marlin...
hunting lionfish

Lion’s Share of Lionfish

Lions Share Lionfish This video taken by divers off Pensacola, Florida in the Gulf of Mexico is a surprising example of how lionfish are taking...

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