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Feeling the call of the jungle or the reefs, travel to South America to explore both in their glory. You can chase crazy freshwater fish in the amazon or saltwater's finest on the sea.

Costa’s Geobass Africa

Costas Geobass Africa Costa presents their GEOBASS project, a video series documenting the struggles, drama and glories of a group of determined fly-fishermen as they...
fish video

Crazy Piranha Video

We've all heard the stories of piranha skelotonizing a cow in minutes, but it was hard to believe (wonder if Myth Busters has done...

Explosion at Panama Sportfishing Lodge

I hate to report that there has been a bad explosion and subsequent fire at the Panama Sportfishing Lodge in Boca Chica. Unofficial reports...
carter anddrews

Isla Secas Resort

Panama City Mountain Top View For the BD Outdoors crew, the trip to Isla Secas begins with a few nonstop flights from both coasts to...
carter anddrews

Panama Paradise – Isla Secas Resort – BD’s Visit

Making The Trip To Panama World-renowned angler Carter Andrews is at it again, providing a unique, one-of-a-kind fishing experience to those hungry for adventure. Scouring...

Hunting Red Stag in La Pampa, Argentina

Keeping the breeze in our favor, my guide Carlos and I quietly stalked through the thick brush. Suddenly a loud, long bellow shattered the...

January 2012 Cubera Snapper Release Record

French angler Jean Paul Estradere was casting topwater plugs off the coast of Isla Coiba, Panama on Nov. 25, 2011 when a massive 115...

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