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The west coast offers a huge variety of fishing opportunities from north to south, including the largest sportboat fleet in the country tapping the prolific waters of the Pacific.
baja mexico

Scorpion and El Regalo Charters in Baja

Matthew Clifton has always loved the outdoors, hunting and fishing with his two brothers as they grew up in New Mexico. His brothers Michael...
fishing battle

Six Quick Thresher Tips

Thresher sharks prowl nearshore waters as they migrate up and down the coast. Using their distinctive, long, whip-like tail, they stun small baitfish to...

BD Video Spotlight: Hawaii shark attack

In February, BD Outdoors published a story about Isaac Brumaghiam, the Hawaiian kayak fisherman who is reconnecting with his Polynesian ancestry by targeting large...
socal scene

Catching Yellows on the Yo-Yo Jig

The Coronado Islands are starting to kick out consistent yellowtail fishing for private boaters as well as the D-day boats running out of San...

Puget Sound shrimp season to be bigger, longer

Recreational shrimp fishers will get more days to fish and a larger share of the catch in areas of Puget Sound under fishing seasons...
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Spotted Bay Bass Techniques

Last week's column discussed the basic tackle you'll need to target spotted bay bass in Southern California's bays and harbors. If you missed it,...

San Clemente’s Calico Bass

If you've been following the fish reports on the BD message boards, you already know that many So Cal fishermen have put their boats...

Trolling for Dummies, Part 2

In last week's column, Trolling for Dummies, I covered the basics of choosing, rigging and positioning trolling lures in your spread. For part two...

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