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While these two states are part of our great union, but they fish and feel like exotic destinations with the benefit of not needing a passport. Hawaii offers blue waters teeming with blue marlin and tuna, while Alaska's frigid waters bring forth barn-door halibut and salmon. Either way, come with us while we explore these two great states.

Awesome Wiring on Hawaiian Blue Marlin

Better than your morning coffee, this video from Capt. Bryan Toney of the Marlin Magic in Hawaii with Doug Pattengill on the wire. Incredible wiring...

Alaskan Adventure

Alaskan Adventure Crackerjack Charters Capt. Andy Mezirow pioneered the multi-day halibut trip out of Seward, Alaska. His custom-built "Crackerjack Voyager," a 48-foot Modutech, can comfortably...
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Skiff Catches Grander Marlin

Big congrats go out to Guy Kitaoka and Darrell Omori on the Dayna a 21-foot skiff fishing in Kona, Hawaii.  They hooked and caught this giant...

Give Input to Save Halibut Fishing

  Halibut Fishing - Commercial Halibut Fishing Ever dream of going to Alaska to catch a halibut? I have and I can't wait to go back....

Grander from Kona

Fishing the fertile waters off of Kona, Hawaii, Capt. McGrew Rice, a second-generation charter captain, helped Kai, the grandson of author Jim Rizzuto, to...
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Big Island Bomboy Beast

Big Island Bomboy Beast Kailua-Kona, HI - On Wednesday, November 19, 2014, Captain Bomboy Llanes, running a half-day honeymoon charter aboard the Lanakila, and against...
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Crackerjack Wins Seward Halibut Derby Again

Each year in Seward, Alaska, an intense competition takes place upon Seward's fish-filled waters. The Seward Halibut Tournament is a month long derby to...

Ono Master

With the exception of the Indian ocean and the East coast of Africa I have at one time or another fished the worlds water,...
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Oksana Skolnaja Is the Latest Fishin Chick

BD: Where do you live? Oksana Skolnaja: Currently I live in Girdwood Alaska! I've spent the last 5 winters skiing, summers are spent sport fishing...
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Seward Jackpot Halibut Derby 2013

Each year the Month long, Seward tournament gets more competitive. This year the water was much cooler than normal and fishing in June was...

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