We all dream of exotic trips around the globe, but which one to pick can be challenging. Let us help be your guide as we sift through the many operations available for the ones worthy of your hard earned money and time off. Many we have been to first hand, or we have partners in the industry with first hand knowledge to help guide you to the best outfitters in your chosen destinations.
rocking R

Rocking R Ranch Bulls and Bucks

As a relative newbie to big game hunting, I always jump at the chance to try a new type of hunt or check out...
sand bass

Targeting Structure for Sand Bass

If you're like most private boaters in Southern California, you've probably targeted sand bass during their summertime spawn. At that time of year, catching...
flyfishing billfish

Casa Vieja Lodge – Broaden Your Fishing Horizons

Over the last decade, I have spent the majority of my travel fishing in the one spot I fell in love with, Puerto Vallarta....
African Kudu

African Hunt With Quagga Safaris

Last May I was attending a CCA banquet in Austin and looking over the auction items when one caught my eye. An African hunt...
Bisbee's tournaments

Bisbee’s Nine Days in October

Part I For nine days each October, the top international captains, mates and anglers converge on Cabo San Lucas, the remarkable “fishing field of dreams,”...

Marsh Madness 2016

Marsh Madness 2016 Each year for many years a pilgrimage of sorts has taken place. A gathering of outdoor writers and outdoor companies who congregate...
casa vieja

A Rare Opportunity From Casa Vieja Lodge

Casa Vieja Lodge, a premier fishing lodge in Guatemala is offering solo anglers a chance to experience some of the best billfishing in the...
tournament results

Wild Hooker Wins 2016 Los Cabos Offshore

From its humble beginnings more than a decade ago as a simple get-together for alumni winners, the Bisbee’s Los Cabos Offshore Tournament, presented by...

Spot & Stalk California Mule Deer

Lessons from a rookie. A few years back, after heavy encouragement from several close friends, I bought my first compound bow. I was immediately amazed...
badlands baja

Baja Badlands

The Baja Peninsula, with its hundreds of miles of rugged coastline, stretches down the Pacific Coast from Tijuana to the tip at Cabo San...

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How to Seal Plumbing Fittings

Taking care of a boat involves wearing many hats. Ensuring that every seal is done right helps make your boat seaworthy and safe. When doing boat...

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