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As fishermen and hunters, we are the first to desire reasonable management of our natural resources. Join us as we explore the many ways we can make sure future generations can share the same love and access to the outdoors.

Costa Rica Sport Fishing Community Rejects Marine Reserve

Eight sport-fishing associations and two fishing clubs represented by FECOP, the sport-fishing advocacy group in Costa Rica, voted unanimously not to support the Alvaro...

2018 CCA CAL SportFishing Tide Calendar

Coastal Conservation Association of California and Bill Varney announced this week that the 2018 CCA CAL SportFishing Tide Calendar is now available at tackle...

American Sportfishing Association Urges Menhaden Support

ASA sent a letter to the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission on October 24, 2017 in support of Option E in Amendment 3 to the Menhaden...
javelina California

CDFW Regulations Q&A With Carrie Wilson

Editor's Note: Carrie Wilson, veteran of the CDFW, offers answers to sportsmen's questions about CDFW regulations on a wide variety of topics.  Can Javelina be Hunted...

Foraging The High Seas: A Menhaden Story

Check out this awesome video about the importance of managing menhaden stocks as the keystone species it is.  Make your comments today as they...
trash art

Trash To Treasure – Cory Redwine’s Vision and Mission

This is one day’s worth of litter collected off Brevard beaches by the Redwine family, whose passion is art and the environment. It is...
red abalone

CDFW Q & A – Sportsmen’s Questions Answered

What are the Abalone Regs for 2017? Question:What’s happening with abalone for this year? Does the season close at the end of October or November? And...
groundfish regulations

California Groundfish Regulations Changing On October 16

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) announces new restrictions on recreational fishing for groundfish in waters north of Point Conception to the...
swordfish longline

Swordfish Longline “Research” Halted In Florida’s Closed Zone

Editor's Note: Finally some good news on the fisheries front.  The recent approval of pelagic longlines being allowed back into Florida's East Coast Closed Zone...
flesh eating

Vibrio Bacteria Precautions and Facts

Editor's Note: "I wrote this article a few years back, but was reminded of it again after reading that the recent floodwaters of Harvey and...

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