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Erik Landesfiend is a well versed fishermen in SoCal. He regularly shares his knowledge and opinions via his BD column, SoCal Scene. From how to tips, local weekly fishing reports and well thought out articles on many aspects of fishing southern California's diverse fisheries. Erik gladly shares his thoughts and welcomes yours too.

big bluefin caught by outer limits in local waters

Bluefin Bite The Kite With Reckless Abandon

I think that it's time to come to grips with the fact that the schools of big bluefin in our local waters just aren't...
florida citrus center

Culture Shock At The Cast And Blast – Part 1

Part I: Culture Shock at the Cast and Blast A few months ago I received an email from my editor Scott asking if I’d like...
Island Yellows Bite group

Island Yellows Bite In The SoCal Scene

Before I get into this week's report, I'd like to take a minute to talk about a disturbing trend that I see developing, both...
Coastal Fishing

Good Coastal Fishing – SoCal Scene

The fish are biting well along the coast from Santa Barbara to San Diego. What you'll catch depends as much on where you go...
bluefin caught

SoCal Bluefin Bite Improves To An Extent

Enough bluefin were caught in the last week that I can no longer continue to boycott them in my column. I will point out...

Yellows & Seabass Bite, Sand Bass Return

As a form of protest against their unacceptable behavior I have decided not to report on the tuna bite that's currently not really happening...
Tournament Advice Navionics charts can really help you know where to start

Navionics Guide to the Yellowtail Shootout

With the BD Outdoors Yellowtail Shootout about a week away, it's time to take a look at where this year's winning fish might come...
bluefin and yellowfin tuna

SoCal’s Bluefin Tuna Are Still Being Jerks

It's a great time to be a bluefin tuna in Southern California. There's plenty of warm and clean water, miles and miles of delicious...
Bluefin tuna Fish in Bite

Bluefin Continue To Frustrate Anglers

After fishing Mexican waters on Saturday and US waters on Wednesday, I can tell you that there is an incredible amount of tuna offshore...
offshore fishing

SoCal Offshore Fishing Ready to Explode

Just about every sport boat captain that's been fishing offshore this week has made the same report. "Not catching much but seeing lots and...

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bluefin november

November Bluefin Bite

Tanner Bank was the hot spot for big bluefin tuna this wee. With overnight and 1 1/2 day boats from San Pedro to San...

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