Put Me Outside

Put Me Outside
The fishing, fun, travel and family adventures of our own Creative Director, Derek Redwine. Share in the joys and agonies of life on the water chasing good family fun and creatures of all shapes and sizes.
cory redwine

Beating a Big, Black Drum

Although I consider myself more of an offshore fisherman at heart, the chance to hunt down a 30- to 70-pound fish in skinny, crystal-clear...
fishing how-to

Quick Tip for Tripletail

With the onset of the cobia run about to descend on the east coast of Florida, many anglers will be hitting the tackle shops...

BD’s Derek Redwine Fishing on Spanish Fly

  Well it's finally time! Over the past summer I shot a second show with my friend Jose Wejebe, host of the Spanish Fly television...

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How to Fillet a Cobia

Capt. Scott shares his method to clean cobia and most other large-bodied fish. First step is to make a cut behind the head/gills area. Cut...

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