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Here you can delve into the minds of our regular writers who are all accomplished fishermen themselves from many walks of life and have spent decades chasing fish all over the world and right here at home. Join them as they share their experiences and those of their friends and colleagues.

Nice Fishing Boots!

I walked into Bass Pro looking for a new pair of fishing boots. I had a trip coming up and my old boots were...
fishing stories

Dead Baby Marlin Trip — Road Trip with Bill Boyce

Bill Boyce shares one of the weirdest experiences he's ever had offshore. There we were, fishing our last day out of beautiful Cebaco Bay in...
super cows

One Cow Tuna Short of a Record – Royal Polaris Tuna Trip

Capt. Billy "Sunny" Santiago, Jr., a former Morse High School tackle, towered over 82-year-old Jerry Brown, charter-master of the Line One Spectra trip, both...
trolling tips

Removable Flatline Clips

Anyone who has fished on a boat with outriggers is likely familiar with the drop-back they provide when a fish hits the bait or...
steve bad company

Into the Light – Capt. Steve Lassley

Hello, I'm Capt. Steve Lassley. When the guys from Bloodydecks and I first started talking about me writing a column for the new website,...

Marlin Showing Off Baja

I first began posting my "Baja on the Fly" reports back in 1996, long before Bloodydecks was even a glimmer in the eyes of...

Daytime Swordfishing Florida Keys

Florida Swordfish After years of perfecting the process of catching swordfish during the day, the crew at Bud N Mary's marina has this fishery completely...

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Shimano Tranx 300 & 400 Debut At Fred Hall

Editor’s Note: Shimano Tranx 300 and 400 reels will be available from retailers for the first time at the upcoming Fred Hall Show in...

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