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Outside the Box
Brandon Hayward splits his time between serving as editor/publisher of The Bight ( and guiding throughout the Southern California Bight from his 23-foot Parker through his guide service, A graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara, Brandon spent his summers and time post-college working on San Diego-based sportboats before taking on a writing career. He's written three books on Southern California saltwater fishing: The Southern California Angler, Getting Bit, The Local Angler. Brandon lives in San Clemente, California, with his wife, two children and a Nova Scotia duck-tolling retriever.
Brandon Hayward

Back to the Kelp

Kelp lines whither and die and re-form, each makeover bringing with it a new way to anchor up. Spots don't always stay exact season...
sea bass

Figuring Out a Zone That’s New to You

I live in the last of Southern California's beach cities that can be debated as being a town. Not to be confused with a...
socal fishing

The Lost Art of Trying

Fishing in the communal swimming pool of the three most populous counties in the United States forces a different approach to fishing; it's the...

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