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Capt. Scott Goodwin started fishing in the lakes of Kentucky where he grew up. A move to Florida, however, brought him into a whole new realm of fishing. After receiving a bachelor's degree in biology from Eckerd College, he decided that he liked catching fish more than studying them and thus began his career as a captain. Scott began working as a mate on a charter boat and worked his way up to captain. He has been fortunate to fish in some of the top locations on the globe, including Florida, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico and the Bahamas. Scott has learned from some of the best captains in the sport and has more than 25 years experience as a professional fisherman. He openly shares his knowledge and fishing tips on BD. Scott is currently the editor of BDOutdoors.
travel bladder

Increase Your Range With ATL Fuel Bladders

ATL Fuel Bladders I recently had the opportunity to help run a boat from Port Canaveral, Florida across the Gulf Stream to Spanish Cay in...
woody wax

Woody Wax – Boat Protection Made Easier

Woody Wax Your Boat When your boat takes a beating from the sun, salt, moist or dry elements, you have to give it some protection...
knot tying

Mono To Wire Albright Connection

Albright Wire Mono When chasing toothy critters we have to use wire leaders, but sometimes a snap swivel has a negative visual impact in clear...

Haywire Twist For Single Strand Wire Leader

Haywire Twist Twisting single strand wire leader is simple, yet takes a little practice to get the feel. There is some variation in how tight or...
lure rigging

Rubber Band Wrap For Leader Storage

Fishing Leader Storage with a Rubber Band Fishing leader storage can be a pain, especially when you have lots of loose coils of mono that...
filleting lionfish

How To Clean Lionfish

On a recent trip to the Bahamas, I was amazed at how prevalent the lionfish had become. While the fish's full impact will not...
bait rigging

Circle Hook Ballyhoo Rig

Circle Hook Ballyhoo While the use of circle hooks is not new, a lot of anglers have been slow to come around and using circles...
boat tips

How To Put A Rope Handle On A Bucket

How could any boat function without the 5-gallon bucket? We keep them onboard for thawing bait, spooling reels, washing the boat, collecting garbage, moving...
fishing how-to

Wahoo Ballyhoo Rigging The San Sal Ballyhoo Rig

There are almost as many ways to rig a ballyhoo as there are to skin a cat, and the "San Sal" rig is a...
ballyhoo parasite

Removing Ballyhoo Parasite for Better Baits

How would you like to try to eat a cheeseburger with a massive alien clinging to your tongue and filling your mouth and throat? It...

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