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Dr. Brad Genovese researches outdoor related health issues and medical advise for outdoorsmen.
shallow blackout

Shallow Water Blackout: What You Need To Know

Whether you are a fisherman, diver, spear fisherman, cruiser, floater, or even a sailor (sometimes they troll) this is a topic worth understanding. First off...

Health: What You Need To Know

Health Need Know - Health Tips Since I started writing articles for Bloodydecks, I have always tried to write about specific health concerns while out...
mercury levels

The Facts of Mercury Poisoning & Your Seafood

Metal contaminants are found naturally in the environment, however, excessive levels can be increased through industrial activity or pollution. You will see that certain...

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MLPA – Bad for Fishermen, Good For Big Oil

Like many of you, I was left without answers to a lot of my questions during the MLPA establishment process. And the biggest of...

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