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Chef Steve Black''s offers his professional take on many types of fresh seafood and game.
whole fish

Whole Roasted Vermillion Rock Cod

This is an extremely easy way to cook fish and was great with sides of roasted potatoes and salad. Ingredients Serves up to 8 1 each 5-pound...
seafood recipes

Lobster & Yellowtail Red Curry Bowl

I went hooping for lobsters last night with some pros and I learned quite a bit. Hopefully the experience will help me personally score...
bass recipes - Striped Bass Tomato Tart

Grilled Bass With Tomato Tart

Striped Bass Tomato Tart - Best Striped Bass Recipe This summer has been a pretty tough one here in Southern California as the albacore never...
fish recipes - Steve Black Asian Shishito


Steve Black Asian Shishito Pepper Salad This recipe is easy to do except the preparation takes some time, however, it is a great combination of...

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