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Captain Steve Lassley shares his vast wealth of knowledge based on a long successful career as a boat captain and fishermen.
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Whatever It Takes

I gotta tell ya, missing the Catalina tournaments gets harder every year. Several people made comments to me, saying things like, “Well you can...
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Maximize Your Fishing Time

We put up a forum post a bit back, asking our readers what kind of stuff they wanted to hear about in this column....
socal offshore

2011 Fishing Season Prediction

I keep getting asked to make a 2011 fishing season prediction. Everybody that knows me knows the answer: "I'll let you know what kinda season...
offshore socal

Anticipation – Capt. Steve Lassley Talks Fishing Southern California

First off, a quick fishing report… Cabo is still biting, and it's what I would consider very good fishing. On Bad Company we have...

Chasing Swordfish in Cabo

It took us a full three-and-a-half days to prepare the boat after the delivery to Cabo from California. The trip down was uneventful, too...
steve bad company

Into the Light – Capt. Steve Lassley

Hello, I'm Capt. Steve Lassley. When the guys from Bloodydecks and I first started talking about me writing a column for the new website,...

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Casa Vieja Lodge, the famed sportfishing lodge based in Guatemala, recently announced the addition of Capt. David Salazar and Juan Cruz Anon to its...

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