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In this section you will find a wide variety of how-to tips on boat handling, maintenance, docking and more.
kite tipsvideo

Kite Fishing Tips From The Fly Zone

Fly Navarro is fishing with Capt. Ray Rosher of Miss Britt Sportfishing out of Miami, Florida. They are discussing kite fishing tips, particularly how...
wahoo luresvideo

Choosing Wahoo Lures For Trolling Success

Check out some awesome wahoo lures from the professionals at Black Bart Lures.  Fly Navarro is talking with Jack of Black Bart as he...

4 Tips For Boat Owners After A Storm

With Hurricane Irma beginning to push into the interior of the U.S., the storm has left behind many damaged recreational boats in its wake. To...

Rod Guide Selection Video From Fly Navarro

Fly Navarro of the Fly Zone is back at Fisherman's Center in South Florida talking with JL about how to choose a rod guide...

Dredge Weight Tips From The Fly Zone

Fly Navarro is back with Jim McGrath of Grand Slam Tackle to discuss the evolution of dredge weights and how the new designs improved...
kite fishingvideo

Rigging Live Bait For Offshore Kite Fishing

Fly Navarro is offshore fishing with Capt. Ray Rosher of Miss Britt Sportfishing.  Capt. Ray is demonstrating how to bridle a live bait for...
Boat Insurance

Prevent Boat Insurance Snags For Tournament Anglers

In tournament angling, speed and power are what get you to the best fishing spot before the other guy. The high-performance nature of bass...
snook fishing

Don’t Skip The Fluorocarbon Leader – It Matters

The “braid revolution” as I call it has pretty much taken over many fisheries and many anglers don’t even remember when it wasn’t around...

Can’t Find Glow Jigs? We Have Your Solution

Can't find glow jigs anywhere in your local tackle shops?  We have your solution! All season long, schools of larger grade bluefin have frequented the...

How To Attach A Reel To A Fishing Rod

Fly Navarro joins Jim McGrath from Grand Slam Tackle in Florida to learn some maintenance tips and the proper way to mount a reel...

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Skirt Your Ballyhoo

I just came home from a fishing trip to the Bahamas were we pulled a mixed spread of trolling lures and ballyhoo. Using a...

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