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In this section you will find a wide variety of how-to tips on boat handling, maintenance, docking and more.
gaffing tips

16 Gaffing Tips To Make You Better In The Pit

Sometimes gaffing fish is as much fun as catching them!  But its only fun once you've had the opportunity to practice it and feel...
boat cleaningvideo

Basic Boat Cleaning Tips In The Fly Zone

Fly Navarro visits Capt. Terry and they discuss the techniques for proper boat cleaning; the tools, products and methods to keep a boat looking...
filletting fish

How To Fillet Cobia And Other Large Fish

Capt. Scott Goodwin shares his method to clean cobia and most other large-bodied fish. First step is to make a cut behind the head/gills area....
rigging options

Rigging A Split-Billed Ballyhoo For Offshore Trolling

There are many many different ways to rig a ballyhoo and the reasons for variation depend on your target fish, location, sea conditions and...

How To Wire A Trolling Motor

Editor's Note: Erik Landesfeind explains how to wire a trolling motor in this detailed summary of the process he used to fix a electrical problem...

Best Dredge Connection Hardware From The Fly Zone

Dredges are not new anymore, but they are still red hot and standard issue for tournament anglers.  Fly Navarro and Jim McGrath of Grand...
nautical sportfishing Mexico fishing

How To Get Nautical Sportfishing FMM For Fishing Mexico

If you are traveling by boat in Mexico, north of Ensenada, you are required by law to have a nautical FMM Tourist Permit each time...

Rigging Teaser Mackerel With Fly Navarro

Rigging teaser mackerel is a simple chore once you know how to do it, and Fly Navarro and Tyler Beckford are teaching you how...

How To Rig Circle Hook Ballyhoo In The Fly Zone

Fly Navarro is back with Tyler Beckord of Teaser Bait Company to demonstrate how to rig circle hook ballyhoo using the o-ring and copper...

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