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Boats: A love/hate relationship that we endure in order to chase our true passion. Come with us as we explore the world of boats and the features that make them special. Be it a simple production craft or an angler’s “dream boat” project, BD is going on a mission to bring them to you to check out or drool over.
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Introducing Mag Bay Yachts

The Back Story of Mag Bay Yachts In 1969, Mike Howarth began his career building fiberglass tooling and plugs for wood boat construction in Southern...
fishing boats

Blackman Boats Part 3 – bold but battered

The “Golden Years” – the 1970s and 80's – had been extraordinary decades for Blackman. They had established that Blackman Boats was here to...
fishing boats

Fish Machine Part 2 – The Glory Years

When we left Don Blackman in the first installment of “Don Blackman and His Fabulous Fish Machine,” his 23-foot Blackman prototype was launched and...
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Don Blackman and His Fabulous Fish Machine

Don Blackman was “old school.” He built a family business delivering a remarkable, well-designed boat equipped to meet the expectations of a rapidly growing group...
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Waypoints Home

Modern electronics continue to evolve in both their amazing capabilities and their simplicities. For the boater and fishermen alike, the accuracy of chart plotters...

Trim Tabs-Don’t Leave the Dock Without Them

Many boaters have trim tabs and rarely use them. Others may use some tab if an overweight passenger leans the boat to one side....
boat repair

Pay Now, or Pay Big Later

Boat Maintenance Replacing Hoses - Pay Now, Or Pay Big Latter My friend Jeff Chesser owns and operates Harbor Diesel in Destin, Florida, and he...
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G&S Boats | Classic Hulls with Pretty Lines

In 30-plus years of marlin fishing I have fished on just about every high-end game boat on the water. And if I had to...
offshore fishing

Maximize Your Fishing Time

We put up a forum post a bit back, asking our readers what kind of stuff they wanted to hear about in this column....

SeaVee 32 Center Console Offshore Fishing Boat

Test Location: Miami Beach, Florida Conditions: SW winds 15 to 25 knots, 3- to 5-foot seas outside Haulover Inlet The best way to get a feel...

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Melton International Tackle Has AVET Dorado Raptors

Dorado Raptor Reels Melton International Tackle is now offering the AVET LIMITED EDITION Dorado Anodized Raptor Reels! Avet's exclusive Raptor Dorado/Mahi/Dolphinfish anodized finish is only available...

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