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Boats: A love/hate relationship that we endure in order to chase our true passion. Come with us as we explore the world of boats and the features that make them special. Be it a simple production craft or an angler’s “dream boat” project, BD is going on a mission to bring them to you to check out or drool over.
aluminum boats

Package Deals on Xtaero’s XT24DV Aluminum Boats

Big news today from Xtaero Boats, they have created a great new package deal on their XT24DV aluminum boats and will be offering incentive...
xtaero boatsvideo

Xtaero Boats Expands the X-Factor

Why is Xtaero Boats quickly becoming the talk of the aluminum boat market? Everyone who works or plays in waters that seem to always get...
seattle show

Visit Our Partners at the Seattle Boat Show

Seattle Boat Show The Seattle Boat Show is coming fast and the festivities will begin on January 29th till February 6, 2016. Boats and watercraft...
Xtaero boatsvideo

Xtaero Boats – Built to Be Indestructible

If you’ve been looking for and incredibly well built, smooth riding, economical to use fishing machine in the 22 to 26-foot range, then listen...
simrad electronics

2015 Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show – A Pictorial Tour

2015 Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show Check out the latest toys and tools for fisherman at the recent Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show. This incredible sailfish sculpture...
ft. lauderdale

Mag Bay Yachts Arrives at Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show

Mag Bay Yachts If you can get yourself to the upcoming Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show, then you have to come see the new Mag Bay...
fishing boat

Introducing Mag Bay Yachts

The Back Story of Mag Bay Yachts In 1969, Mike Howarth began his career building fiberglass tooling and plugs for wood boat construction in Southern...
fishing boats

Blackman Boats Part 3 – bold but battered

The “Golden Years” – the 1970s and 80's – had been extraordinary decades for Blackman. They had established that Blackman Boats was here to...
fishing boats

Fish Machine Part 2 – The Glory Years

When we left Don Blackman in the first installment of “Don Blackman and His Fabulous Fish Machine,” his 23-foot Blackman prototype was launched and...
offshore boats

Don Blackman and His Fabulous Fish Machine

Don Blackman was “old school.” He built a family business delivering a remarkable, well-designed boat equipped to meet the expectations of a rapidly growing group...

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Giant SoCal Marlin – The Full Story

SoCal Blue Marlin Understandably, when I caught up with Matt Santora of Finbomb, he was almost out of breath from telling the epic story of...

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