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Owning a boat is a huge investment of both time and money, so we are gathering tips on boat maintenance and cleaning that will make your investments dependable and long-lasting.
boat repair

Boat Repair – Filling Holes

Filling holes in your boat left after removing bolts or screws can be hard to do with epoxy without the epoxy bubbling up or...

Boat Tower & Top Inspection Tips

Fly Navarro is back with Tim Bausch from Bausch/American Towers to get a first hand how to demonstration on how to regularly inspect your boat's tower (fishing...
electrical connections

Boat Electrical Connections Cleaning Tip

Quite often a boat, especially around salty environments, develops quirks and things begin to work intermittently or stop all together.  First I check fuses...

Why Zincs Are So Important On Boats

Fly Navarro joins Capt. Terry behind the Patriot to discuss the importance of maintaining the proper amount of zincs on one's boat to cancel...
captain scott goodwin

5 Boating Tips From Offshore Academy

Capt. Scott Goodwin shares some handy boating tips on a wide variety of topics like docking, tying up your boat and making it last...
boat isinglassvideo

Cleaning Isinglass On A Boat

How To Clean Cloudy Isinglass Fly Navarro visits Capt. Terry for a quick lesson in keeping boat isinglass clean and beading water for maximum visibility...
boat cleaningvideo

Basic Boat Cleaning Tips In The Fly Zone

Fly Navarro visits Capt. Terry and they discuss the techniques for proper boat cleaning; the tools, products and methods to keep a boat looking...

How To Wire A Trolling Motor

Editor's Note: Erik Landesfeind explains how to wire a trolling motor in this detailed summary of the process he used to fix a electrical problem...

Tips To Make Boat Cushions Last

Most boats have upholstered vinyl cushions to make your fishing and cruising experience more comfortable.  The material is designed for getting wet and being...
Suzuki Outboards

ECSTAR Suzuki Genuine Oil For Longer Life

Suzuki Marine is continually developing state of the art technology to produce the Ultimate 4-Stroke outboards. The benefits of this innovation now extend beyond...

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