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Catching Shallow Springtime Bass

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Shallow Springtime  Bass

Fishing shallow in the springtime is a great way to catch big bass! The fish will move shallow and hold around any cover they can find. A great way to target these shallow bass, is by flipping a jig to the cover the bass are hiding in.

bass jigsMy favorite bait to use in this situation is a 3/8 oz V&M Pacemaker Adrenalin Flipping Jig. I like to match it up with a V&M Mud Bug trailer. It’s a bigger profile trailer and doesn’t have a lot of action, which I like to use in the spring when the water is colder.

I don’t like to use a trailer that has a ton of action when the water is cold.

jig trailersIf you think about it, when the water is cold the metabolism and actions of all the baitfish is way slower than when it’s warm. Therefore I choose a trailer that has less action. With the 3/8-ounce size jig and the Mud Bug trailer, the jig has a slower fall. Which is very critical. I don’t want a jig in the springtime to fall fast. Slower is better in the spring. Which is why I really like this combination!

I like to target boat docks, lay downs and vegetation.

If you can find these types of cover in areas where the bass will eventually spawn, it’s even better. Even though the water is cold, the bass will be close by to areas where they are going to spawn. This is where I start when I’m fishing a lake in the spring.

lews reel

I like to fish the V&M Adrenaline flipping jig on a 7’4″ H Lews Custom Speed Stick rod with a 8.3:1 Lews Tournament Pro G reel spooled with 20 lbs Sunline Super FC Sniper fluorocarbon line

I really like to use a longer heavy action rod, which helps to muscle big fish out of the thick cover that they are hiding in.

fishing tips

The high-speed reel is very useful when you are making lots of presentations with your bait. The faster you can get your bait back to the boat the more casts you can make throughout a day of fishing. I like to use the heavier line because most of the time you are fishing around heavy cover and if you use too light of line it will break when you lean on a big fish.

bass luresI choose my jig and trailer colors based on a couple of things. The water color and the forage I’m trying to match. If the water is dirty I will go with a black and blue or tequila color. If the water is clear I want something more natural like green pumpkin or a watermelon. If I think the bass are feeding on crawdads I will use a crawdad color. I have a box full of all the different types of jig colors, that way I can “match the hatch” and pick the right jig color for any situation I am faced with throughout the country!

bass tips

It’s a fun way to fish and it catches BIG ONES! Give the Adrenalin flipping jig a try and HOLD ON!

“Do Whatever It Takes”

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