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Casey Parlette Marine Sculptor

21Cassey Parlette Marine Sculptor

Southern California native Casey Parlette spent his youth in the hills, in the water and among the local wildlife. Inspired by what he saw around him, he began sculpting at a young age.

20Cassey Parlette Accessorized

With particular emphasis on marine animals Cassey’s subjects are hammered, forged, carved, heat tempered and welded of wood, bronze, brass, steel, titanium, mother of pearl, abalone, stone, concrete and more. This piece is called “Accessorized” and features a hermit crab and sea anenome made from Shihuahuaco wood and bronze.

19Cassey Parlette Encounter

Personally designed and sculpted by the artist, all pieces are crafted with a respect for natural materials in their natural state. This hand carved Cuttlefish is made from maple burl, manzanita burl, mother of pearl, and stainless steel.

18Cassey Parlette Equilibrium

This arrangement of a chambered nautilus school was Forged, hammered, welded, and carved from curly redwood, bronze, and manzanita burl.

17Cassey Parlette Equilibrium 2

Woods, metals and stones are chosen for their natural patterning, texture and color to express the subject accurately and artistically.

16Cassey Parlette Heliconia Sparrow

Oftentimes Cassey finds woods indigenous to far away places such as the Amazon and Africa while other times he unearths the beauty of species domestic to his home in Southern California. This Sparrow is made of steel, bronze, and black acacia.

15Cassey Parlette Hungry Eyes

Appropriately named, this American Alligator is made from steel, concrete, and brass

14Cassey Parlette Instinctive

Casey employs traditional blacksmithing techniques for the metalwork in his sculptures. The result of his naturalist approach and method are sculptural pieces that are refined, complicated and beautiful, yet inescapably rustic.

13Cassey Parlette Joy

This butterfly scene was hammered, heat tempered, and carved from titanium, quillo bordon, and wenge wood.

12Cassey Parlette Kelp Fish

Curly maple, bronze, and stone make up this school of mackerel swimming through the kelp.

11Cassey Parlette Life

Casey says, “Every now and then you come across a piece of wood that has a certain life in it” you look at it and see the sculpture in there. Then it’s about cutting away the excess for everyone else to see.”

10Casey Parlette Octopus

“Many times it’ll be something that looks weathered and misshapen on the surface, but has an inner beauty that’s striking. It takes practice to bring that out.”

9Cassey Parlette Lobsters

Bronze, flagstone, and ipe wood make up these California spiny lobsters.

8Casey Parlette Squid

A Squid brought to life using Steel, bronze, and bubinga wood.

7Casey Parlette The Lure

Cassey’s interpretation of a deep sea angler fish made from maple, bronze, and mother of pearl.

6Casey Parlette making the tigershark

Casey applies a respect for the elements in their natural states and utilizes naturally occurring patterns to enhance the accuracy of a subject. “Many times the nature of the wood defines the sculpture”, says Casey.

5Casey Parlette tigershark

The patterns of the curly redwood help create the stripes on this tiger shark sculpture.

4Casey Parlette tigershark in home

Casey’s artistic style creates remarkably naturalistic and beautiful artworks. . He also does commissioned architecturally integrated artworks for both private and public installations.

3Casey Parlette trophic

A calico bass chasing squid through the kelp in this scene named “trophic,” featuring materials including bronze, brass, stainless steel, and schedua wood.

2Casey Parlette Wahoo School

One of my personal favorites of Cassey’s work, this school of wahoo is made from Curly maple, bronze, brass, stainless steel poplar wood.

1Casey Parlette wahoo in home

You can see for yourself that Casey’s artistic style creates remarkably naturalistic and beautiful artworks. His art will be on display at the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts in the coming months of July and August as well as other select exhibitions throughout the year. You can also admire his work, contact him, or locate more exhibitions on his website www.cpsculpture.com.

Casey Parlette Marine Sculptor

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