Casa Vieja Lodge Goes Full On Plastic-Free

Casa Vieja Lodge Goes Plastic FreeThis fall, Casa Vieja Lodge entered the third phase of the #KickPlastic Campaign pioneered by Costa del Mar.  Casa Vieja Lodge will be a plastic-free campus by eliminating all single-use plastic bottles both at the lodge, and aboard the 10-boat fleet.
All anglers will receive a YETI 18oz Rambler Bottle upon arrival at Casa Vieja Lodge, their lifeline to water consumption.

Two Elkay Water Fountain and Bottle Filling Stations were installed at the Lodge, where clients can refill their YETI Ramblers during their stay. This water goes through a 4-stage filtration system, including a UV purification process and the solution to pure, clean drinking water at Casa Vieja Lodge.

“The largest consumption of single-use plastic water bottles is on our fleet. We average about 6 bottles a day/person. That equates to 60,000 a season just on the boats, add the consumption at the lodge and we are at 80,000 plastic bottles. That’s just wrong for the environment we rely so heavily on.” said Captain David Salazar.

Aboard the boats clients can refill their same Ramblers from the YETI Silo, a 6-gallon water cooler that keeps water cold for hours. Tried and true, anglers are able to keep their Rambler in direct Guatemalan sunlight while they are fighting billfish and return to their same ice-cold beverage.

“Our fishery here in Guatemala is so amazing and so unique in itself that it’s our responsibility here at Casa Vieja Lodge to kick plastic even where the odds are completely against us. We really don’t see why you can’t do this in your own backyard.” – Kristen Salazar.

Join Casa Vieja Lodge to build a better world for tomorrow- one plastic bottle at a time!

Casa Vieja Lodge Goes Plastic Freecasa vieja lodge

Visit Casa Vieja Lodge or Costa for more ways you can join the campaign.

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