Will Using a Fuel Additive Void My Boat’s Warranty?

When it comes to fuel additives, the experts at Techron hear all kinds of questions from boaters. One of the biggest areas of concern? Whether an every-tankful-additive such as Techron Marine Fuel System Treatment will actually benefit their boat’s engine and fuel system. And perhaps even more importantly, they wonder whether using an additive such as Techron Marine could possibly harm their boat’s outboard or inboard gasoline engines, or create potential warranty coverage issues with their manufacturer or dealer in the event that repairs are needed.

The fact that these questions arise makes perfect sense. Spend a day at any busy marina or launch ramp, and you’ll see boaters driving old two-stroke outboards from the 1980s, advanced direct-injection two-stroke outboards, four-stroke outboards from tiny 2HP portables up to giant V8s, and racing-bred, turbocharged four-stroke motors up to 600 horsepower. And those are just the outboards — gasoline inboard/outboard technology has also evolved over the years.

These boaters may not have much in common in terms of their rigs, but they all share the same issues when it comes to protecting their boats. The corrosive marine environment, the way boats are operated and the fact that they often sit for extended periods can wreak havoc on the engines and fuel systems of all boats when not maintained properly. The fuel experts at Chevron know this, which is why they formulated Techron Marine Fuel System Treatment is a comprehensive solution to these issues.

Whatever the make, model, year, or type of outboard or inboard gasoline engine, Techron Marine is formulated to keep it clean and running at peak performance and efficiency.

Boat owners can feel confident knowing that all Chevron products are covered by a limited product warranty, the details can be found at ChevronLubricants.com.

In addition, boaters can trust that Techron Marine has been thoroughly tested and formulated for use with all makes, models, and types of marine gasoline engines, and will do no harm.  Techron Marine’s alcohol- and emulsifier-free formula was designed specifically for this purpose. It stabilizes fuel up for up to two years and won’t contribute to water uptake for boats running today’s ethanol-based fuels.  

The Techron brand has been trusted by consumers for decades to provide safe and effective cleaning power for all makes and models of automobiles. 

Every car across the country that fills up at a Chevron or Texaco fuel station is receiving the benefits of Techron. Techron Marine was developed to bring this same confidence and universal application to boaters, designed with their unique needs in mind. When used with every fill-up, this special formula restores lost power and maximizes fuel efficiency by cleaning fuel injectors, throttle bodies, carburetors, intake valves, and combustion chambers, preventing corrosion and removing gum, varnish, and carbon deposits. It also keeps a boat’s entire fuel system clean, preventing gunk and deposits in the tanks, fuel lines, filters, and fuel pumps from interrupting fuel flow and compromising performance.  

Laboratory tests have also proven that Techron Marine delivers best-in-class corrosion protection in both fresh and saltwater environments. Removing and preventing the formation of rust on engine surfaces and fuel system components is vital to the durability and long-term health of today’s boats. With today’s new high-performance outboard motors running more than $30,000 each and large, multi-engine center console fishing machines eclipsing the $1 million mark, a little bottle of prevention from a company you trust is a very wise investment.

Boaters also ask about whether they need to use a “house brand” fuel additive from their OEM to avoid voiding their warranties, and the short answer is that in general there should not be any warranty-related issues using Techron Marine in lieu of these “OEM private label” additive formulations. Specific warranty questions should be directed to the OEM, but boaters are generally free to choose the fuel additive that best offers the benefits they seek.

Boaters also sometimes express confusion over case-specific fuel additives from different manufacturers. For example, there are products intended only to stabilize fuel for off-season storage, while others that are meant for occasional heavy-duty clean-up of neglected engines and fuel systems. While these can have their place for specific use cases, only Techron Marine is formulated as a comprehensive, continuous use, three-in-one additive that keeps engines and fuel systems clean, protected from corrosion, and fuel stabilized for up to two years.  

The fuel experts at Chevron developed Techron Marine to be safe and effective in all types of gasoline-powered boats, and to be the only fuel additive boaters need.

To learn more, visit www.Techronclean.com.