Trailer Boat Pre-Fishing Checklist

Going fishing is a very exciting time, but there are some things you don’t want to overlook during the commotion of getting ready. If you keep your boat on a trailer, you have some specific hurdles to cross before you get to the fun part of splashing at the ramp. Here is our BD Boat Trailer Checklist to help keep it all straight so you don’t end up all dressed up and nowhere to go!

Boat Trailer Checklist

  • Verify the boat is sitting solid and level on the trailer
  • Check trailer tires for cracks and air pressure
  • Verify all lug nuts are present and tight
  • Check bearings/bearing buddies for any leaks and top off bearing grease
  • Inspect trailer leaf springs and U-Bolts (if applicable)
  • Inspect winch, strap, and safety chain
  • Inspect trailer bunks and hardware
  • Verify the brake system by checking the coupler and discs/drums for any leaks
  • Verify boat is strapped to the trailer
  • Ensure all antennas, outriggers or towers are down and secure
  • Verify drain plug is in place and secure
  • Attach truck to trailer and verify good, secure coupling and lock coupler
  • Connect lights, safety chains, and breakaway cable
  • Turn on headlights AND hazards, then verify all lights are working
  • Ensure tow vehicle is in Tow/Haul Mode
  • Verify boat/trailer keys on hand
  • Check trailer registration is current and paperwork on hand

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