Spring Thaw Video – Be Season Ready

Spring Thaw Video – Be Season Ready

The Sears Brothers hail from the Northeast and have been fishermen for generations running Mass Bay Guides out of Scituate, Massachusetts. After a long winter of regrouping tackle and the boats protected from deep freezing temps, the Springtime comes and they begin to de-winterize the tools of their trade so that they will be season-ready when warmth finally comes and the fishing frenzy begins.

There is always so much to do to get ready for a day of fishing, not to mention an entire season. Tackle has to be maintained, reels serviced, line changed out, hooks sharpened, etc. Then there’s so much to do on the boats to undo the winterization process and prepare them for daily fishing trips.

Mass Bay Guides

Steps to be Season Ready

  • Change oil in motors and gears
  • Check any and all belts for integrity
  • Change or check water pump impellers
  • Change all sacrificial zincs in the motor and on the hull
  • Change all fuel filters and water separators
  • Treat the fuel system with additive and check for leaks
  • Top off steering fluids or other hydraulic systems
Mass Bay Guides
  • Perform battery checks and maintenance per battery type
  • Check VHF and other electrical systems
  • Check all bilge pumps and auto-switch functions
  • Confirm spare fluids, parts, fuses, and tools for on-the-water repairs
  • Go through safety equipment, flares, and fire extinguisher for function and current dates
  • Resupply tackle stores and rigs on the boat
  • R&R the rigging like outrigger halyards and clips, etc.
  • Wax the hull and all metalwork
  • Make sure gaffs and harpoons are sharp and ready

There is always a lot of work to be done, but its all worth it because the reward is being ready to go do this!

If you live in a warmer climate and don’t have to winterize your boats, you still have plenty of these items to do to make sure you spend your season catching fish and not broken down. Good luck to all for a great fishing season!

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The Sears family has grown up on the South Shore of Massachusetts and has been fishing for generations. Lead by Capt. Greg Sears (father) and Wendy Sears (mother), our family are involved in all facets of the business. We run the busiest and largest "6 Pack" fishing charter company in the state, Mas...