Pre-Trip Fishing Gear Checklist

Pre-Trip Fishing Gear Checklist

It takes a lot of gear to go fishing and offshore fishing has even more. We’ve created this quick checklist to help you keep track and make sure you have what you need as you pull away from the dock.

The Fishing Gear

  • Make sure the tackle bag is loaded for your target species (leader, lures, hooks, and lead)
  • Select rod/reel combos for the target species
  • Verify all reels are in good working order. Check drag levers, free spool, and smooth cranking
  • Reels are spooled up with fresh braid or mono and leaders are in new condition
  • Check all rod guides for breaks or bends
  • Pack/Load Tools (pliers, scissors, fillet knives, dehooker, etc.)
  • Pack/load any bait making supplies (chum, sabikis, cast net, etc)
  • Pack/Load gaffs, bait net, and landing net
  • Pack/Load any frozen bait

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