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boat fuel systemSoCal native, Capt. Gerry Mahieu,owner and operator of All Harbors charters in Long Beach, California, is on the water over one hundred days a year.  His boat has to perform, so he insists on taking the best care of his boat’s fuel system as it is a crucial aspect to the safety and function of your boat fuel system; crucial to engine performance and dependability.

“Techron Marine is the key to fighting dirty fuel, engine deposits, and corrosion that could slow me down in my charter business.  At one ounce per gallon, a little bit of Techron goes a long way”- Capt. Gerry Mahieu


Chevron’s Techron® Protection Plus Marine Fuel System Treatment is designed to protect and clean your boat’s fuel system for long term reliability in the harsh marine environment.

Techron® Protection Plus Marine Fuel System Treatment

  • Alcohol-free formulation -Uniquely formulated to not contribute to water absorption and is alcohol free, which helps reduce the risk of engine damage caused by excess water in the fuel during the combustion process.
  • Detergency cleans, removes and prevents intake valve deposits in port fuel injected engines which improves engine operability issues such as rough idle and accelerator / throttle responsiveness.
  • Cleans and controls carbon and combustion chamber deposits, minimizing cold start problems and deposit-related knock and ping. Prevents gum and varnish and disperses any that already exist in the fuel system.
  • Maximum corrosion (rust) control of the entire fuel system in the most severe conditions. Test data shows that Techron Marine maximizes corrosion protection in both salt and fresh water environments and outperforms other fuel stabilizers.
  • Stabilizes fuel for up to 24 months, delivering more than 4X fuel oxidation stability over pump fuel alone.
  • Helps protect against the effects of ethanol-blend fuels.

boat fuel system

Techron® Marine keeps the entire fuel system clean with every fill up. Techron Marine is designed for all gasoline outboard, inboard or I/O engines, whether carbureted, fuel injected or direct injection.”   For best results before seasonal boat storage or a long period of no use or seasonal storage, add Techron Marine as directed and top off the tank to 7/8 full to allow for any expansion.

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