Seaguar Fishing Line & Leader

Seaguar Fishing Line & Leader

Seaguar productsIt may sound like a cliché to say there’s a lot on the line, but nothing could be truer when it comes to fishing. You can have the most custom boat, high-tech rods and reels and be fishing with the best lures money can buy, but the one key element is the thread-like filament that ties it all together.

Seaguarfishing leaders understands how important this link is to fishermen and they go to great lengths to insure that their products are up to this important task. Whether it is one of their new braided lines, which maximize strength while minimizing diameter and stretch or the full line of fluorocarbon leaders, which elevate your game with their supple, strong materials offering reduced visibility to the fish, Seaguar has a product for your type of fishing.

Seaguar knows that not all fisheries are the same and not all fishermen operate on the same budget. That’s why they make a variety of products, each targeting a variety of fishing situations. Their products are built for freshwater, saltwater and fly-fishing.

You can’t go wrong when you find the right Seaguar product for you.

threadlock braidRecently we visited Casa Vieja Lodge in Guatemala, known as the sailfish capital of the world. We rigged up our Okuma reels with Seaguar’s Threadlock, high-impact braided line in 60#. Threadlock features a high-density weave of 16 strands in a hollow core configuration that allows for easy splicing into the fluorocarbon leader material. This makes a super smooth, knotless connection that is trusted and tested by fishermen all over the world. Threadlock is also abrasion resistant and impact resistant thanks to the dynamic weave. It comes in four colors; green, white, yellow and blue. It ranges in size from 50# to 200# tests and has really small diameters for its strength.

We caught big Pacific sailfish all day long by pitch baiting ballyhoo on lightweight Andros Two Speed reels. That is how braided lines and modern reels have changed the world of big game fishing. You can now use outfits that are easy to handle and still have the capacity and drag pressure to tackle big fish.

fluorocarbon leaderWe also prefer Seaguar Fluoro Premier leader for our baits as it is very abrasion resistant, low-visibility and supple for fluorocarbon materials, which tend to be stiff by nature. Fluoro Premier offers smaller diameters and 42% better knot strength, which is important in all fisheries. We were using 100# leader from the Fluoro Premier Big Game selection, which comes in skeins of 25 or 50 yards, and ranges in increments from 100# to 200# tests. Seaguar offers six other varieties of fluorocarbon leader, each with their specific characteristics to benefit different fisheries.

Seaguar raises fluorocarbon to a new level because they invented it!

seaguar leaderThe crew snelled 3-feet of the Seaguar leader to a 7/0 Mustad Demon Circle Hook and then secured it to the forehead of our needle-beaked offerings. This makes the perfect pitch bait set up for any hungry fish. We put the rig through the ringer by catching double-digit numbers of sailfish each day.

fishing leaderSo whether your chasing billfish around the globe or catching fish right there at home, you can find a quality Seaguar product made just for you. The combination of line and leader gives anglers the advantage and makes the most of your fragile, but all-important link to your fish.

seaguar leaderVisit Seaguar’s website to learn more about your options.