Rigging For Bluefin Tuna – The Full Tackle Breakdown

Rigging For Bluefin Tuna – The Full Tackle Breakdown

Ali Hussainy of Local Knowledge Fishing Show gives a full breakdown of his recommended setup for offshore fishing rods, reels, and line for every size class of bluefin tuna. Ali spends all his time offshore fishing hunting bluefin tuna when the time is right, so this breakdown is catered for offshore, however, there is certainly some carry over when it comes to inshore.  He lays out the tackle set up for each size class of tuna and the line and leader combinations that work well for him.

PENN reels

These proven rods, reels, and line setups are essential to Ali’s approach to bluefin tuna and are present on the boat every time he leaves the dock.

seaguar leader

Details for Rods, Reels, and Line

  • Penn Torque 25N, Penn Ally ALLBW50100C66, LINE:50-100# MONO / 65-130# BRAID
  • Penn Fathom 40NLD, PENN International VI Rod INTSU3050TU60 6’0″ 30-50#
  • Penn International 16 VISX
  • Penn International 20 VISX
  • Penn International 50 VISX

For more information on PENN, Mustad, Seagaur, and Nomad Design.

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