How To Knot Tutorial – Loop Knot & Cat’s Paw Connection

How To Knot Tutorial – Loop Knot & Cat’s Paw Connection

The crew from Local Knowlege has been busy filming Season 5, but Co-Host Ali Hussainy takes a moment to demonstrate how to do a loop knot in his Seaguar Threadlock hollow braid so that he connect it to his wind-on leader using a double Cat’s Paw connection.

“We built wind-on leaders in a previous how-to video, but many of your comments asked us how we connect the wind-on leader to the mainline.  In our case, I like using Seaguar Threadlock because it is hollow and very user friendly when working with splicing needles and for fishing itself,” said Ali.  “I’m going to show you how to create a spliced loop at the end of your hollow-core mainline and then how to connect the loop of your wind-on leader to the mainline loop using a double Cat’s Paw knot.”

Cat's Paw

“This connection is incredibly strong and we have put it to the test in extreme situations for many years.  I have full confidence in this set up.”

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