How-To: Dropper Loop Rockfish Rig

How-To: Dropper Loop Rockfish Rig

Tying The Double Dropper Loop Rockfish Rig With Seaguar Inshore Fluorocarbon

BD Pro & Host of Local Knowledge, Ali Hussainy shows us how he ties his go-to double dropper loop rigs for rockfish. When he’s not offshore chasing tuna, rockcod fishing is one of Ali’s absolute favorites on those down days or off season trips. The new Seaguar Inshore fluorocarbon has been his top pick for the rockfish rigs.

How-To Build a Double Dropper Loop rig:

Using 60lbs. Seaguar Inshore Fluorocarbon:

  1. Tie a barrel swivel using to top of leader – Ali ties the Uni knot
  2. Come down about 24″ + double your line + tie Double Surgeons knot
  3. Come down another 24-36″ + repeat step 2 tying Double Surgeons knot
  4. Come down another 12″ + tie smaller loop w/ Double Surgeons knot

Outfitting Dropper Loop Rockfish Rig:

  • Loop sinker on bottom loop – weight depends on depth & current
  • Ali’s Hook selection: Mustad 7/0 Demon Offset Circle 1x hook

Quick, easy, and strong – give this one a shot the next time you’re out rockfishing!

Seaguar leader

Check out the Seaguar website to learn more about their new Inshore Fluorocarbon.

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