How To Tie A Bimini Twist Knot – Video Tutorial

Most anglers have heard of the Bimini Twist knot and there are a variety of ways to tie this super-strong knot to create a double line loop at the end of your mainline to facilitate a variety of leader or topshot connections.

Ali Hussainy of Local Knowledge shares a simpler method to tie the Bimini that really makes it an easy, go-to fishing knot.

Bimini Twist Knot

“The Bimini Twist used to take me 10 minutes to tie and it was a really awkward knot to tie.  With this new method I learned about 10 years ago, I can tie one in no time and it is a really great knot to know for a variety of reasons,” says, Ali.  “With the Bimini and an Albright knot, you can tie any braid to any leader with just these two simple knots.  You can take that knowledge anywhere in the world and get fishing in no time.”

Bimini Twist Knot

The Bimini Twist can be used to double up any type of mainline including mono, solid or hollow braid, and fluorocarbon line.  The loop in creates can be used to do a Cat’s Paw knot to a wind-on leader or an Albright knot to heavier leaders.  Another benefit is that the Bimini Twist is very streamlined and passes through the guides smoothly, even under pressure.  It is really a great knot to know and this method makes it simple to tie.

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