Double Uni Knot – Braid To Leader

There are many options to tie your braided mainline to your fishing leader, be it monofilament or fluorocarbon. Capt. Ali Hussainy offers up his go-to connection knot, the double uni for a quick and easy connection.

double uni knot

“You can tie FG knots or RP knots and they are great,” said Ali Hussainy. “But to me, the easiest connection knot from my braid to leader is the double uni knot. You can tie it quickly and in the dark and still has 70% of its original breaking strength which is more than enough for real-life applications.”

The double uni is also used to connect braid to braid so it can be a great way to splice your spool of braid if you lose a big chunk during the day or for putting a new topshot of braid on top.

fishing knots

“Start by overlapping the braid and leader about a foot or so,” said Ali. “Next take one of the tag ends and fold it back on itself and the leg of the opposing leader strand. Pass the tag through the circle you just made wrapping it around both legs of the two lines. About 5 to 7 wraps depending on the line’s diameter. Fewer wraps for heavier leader and a few more for lighter lines.”

This is the same knot that is also good for tying to a hook or other terminal tackle. It really is an excellent knot to know for its ease and versatility.

Ali Hussainy caught his first fish, a trout, with his grandfather at the age of three, and that sparked a fire in him as he chased the next bite all over the sierras. When he caught his first bonito from the San Diego bait barge, his life changed again. Trout never had the same luster — he was on ...