Bottom Fishing Tips Video From Capt. Rush Of Local Knowledge

Capt. Rush Maltz, Co-Host of Local Knowledge, is back in the Florida Key’s studio to share some of his bottom fishing knowledge and tactics gleaned from a lifetime of fishing the amazing Florida Keys.  He outlines in this how-to video how to better fish underwater structures to better your odds at catching prized bottom fish like snapper and grouper.

Bottom Fishing Tips

“Structure is the key to all bottom fishing and I’m always on the lookout for more little pieces of structure and often the time spent seeking them out, yields more of my best spots”, said Capt. Rush. “Setting up on the structure is important to build life in an attempt to draw the fish away from the structure enough to have a chance at getting the fish out of the bottom.”

Bottom Fishing Tips

“Setting up on structure is important to your success in bottom fishing.  Trying to anchor up in the right spot is tricky and is subject to wind, current, and depth”, said Capt. Rush.  “The further away from the structure you can get a bite, the better your odds at successfully getting the fish away from the line-cutting structures and natural bottom.”

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