Captain Duane “Diego” Mellor Talks Tuna Tactics

Ali Hussainy, Co-Host of Local Knowledge is joined by Captain Duane “Diego” Mellor of Pinnacle Sportfishing hit the studio to talk tuna!  The bluefin tuna are still biting for SoCal anglers and Capt. Duane stays dialed in during his daily sportfishing trips.  He and Ali discuss their proven techniques to predict and locate where the tuna are feeding on bait.

Birds, water temp, water clarity and bait, bait, bait, are all key factors to finding hungry bluefin.

They go over how to use your marine electronics to help find and capitalize on schools of voracious bluefin tuna.  “One factor that has helped me dial in my Furuno sounder is taking the time to tweak my settings while I know I have fish under the boat,” said Capt. Duane.

Furuno sounder
Capt. Duane has his TZtouch3 sounder dialed in!

“It’s so hard to leave your buddies catching fish and go to the helm and play with the sounder settings, but it can make such a difference in your learning what size and types of fish you are marking for future trips.  This knowledge pays off in the future because you know what you are looking at.  The same goes for using my Furuno radar to mark bird schools.  You just have to spend the time to get dialed in.”

furuno electronics

“Having great electronics and knowing how to read them is so key to understand what’s going on under or around your boat, ” said Ali.  “Hopefully these pointers will help you pay more attention to the information you have at hand and learn how to use it for your benefit to catch more fish.”

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