RIGGING: Live Mackerel

Dan Funke is back to show us the basics of rigging live Pacific Chub Mackerel. Dan works as a deckhand for one of the most reputable four-pack charters in San Diego, PINNACLE SPORTFISHING. They are focused on targeting Southern California’s prevalent larger gamefish which encompasses: Bluefin Tuna, Yellowtail, Yellowfin, White Sea Bass, Dorado, and more.

Chub Mackerel along with Sardine comprise the predominant baitfish source for most Southern California fishermen. Sardines are regularly available at our local bait barge ( and usually do the trick to entice most gamefish in this area. Sometimes though the targeted species do become finicky about presented bait and having an alternative like Mackerel can be just wants needed to turn a bite on. We’ve seen this behavior often with Bluefin Tuna as well as Dorado, many times a Sardine will go ignored while a frisky Mackerel will trigger a reaction.

In this clip, Dan walks us through some basic ways to rig Southern California local Pacific Chub Mackerel.

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