Belly Hooked Sardine – Know Your Bait

Fishing and bait have gone hand in hand since the beginning, and while there are plenty of artificial lures that work great, on many occasions and in many locations bait is king.

bait hooking technique

We are going to explore the many types of bait that anglers cherish in their quest to catch more fish. We will also learn tips and tricks from the pros on the best way to present baits, catch bait, keep baits alive, and so much more.

The sardine is a prized bait on any coast and while the exact species may vary, that fresh-panicked quiver of a lively bait is enough to turn on anglers as well as fish. But sardines are frail and how you handle and hook them is important and can make the difference between a bite and a no-go. Also how you hook them can determine how they swim, up or down in the water column or the speed of your drop to the bottom.

belly hooked sardine

Here is a tip to selecting and belly hooking your live sardine.