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Captain Rush Maltz – Host Bio

Key West

Born and raised in the Florida Keys, Rush grew up surrounded by his fishing heroes. He knew from an early age that his destiny was making a living on the sea. With mentors like Capt. Jose Wejebe, Capt. Trossit, and many more, Rush has soaked up many lifetimes’ worth of local knowledge about his home waters in Key West, Florida.

Rush Maltz

His mastery of this “local knowledge” and lots of hard work has allowed him a successful charter business with twenty years of satisfied clients under his belt.

Every aspect of fishing and boating must come together in unison to accomplish this level of fishing expertise.

One must excel in many facets such as catching and maintaining bait, boat maintenance and repair, rod, reel and tackle maintenance, weather prediction, fish forecasting and catering to a wide variety of goals and personalities of your clients. Rush is also a very accomplished diver and has thousands of hours underwater chasing fish and becoming one with their environment.

capt. maltz

This winning combination takes a great deal of energy and Rush has laid the foundation of a solid, one-man charter operation called Odyssea Key West Sportfishing out of Key West, Florida.