Building Wind On Leaders For Offshore Fishing

wind on leaders

Ali Hussainy of Local Knowledge is demonstrating step by step how to build a wind on leader used for many big game scenarios.

The wind on leader is a great tool in the offshore angler’s tackle arsenal.  The theory is to have a heavier mono or fluorocarbon leader that threads into the inside of a hollow-woven braided line or Dacron.  Using some specific rigging needles and a little practice, you can follow these steps to build your own wind-on leaders for tuna, marlin and more.

“I like to build all of my own leaders for our fishing.  It’s just a confidence thing for me when the chips are down,” said Ali.  “I will thread the desired size Seaguar fluorocarbon leader into their Threadlock hollow braid of a size that just fits inside.  I feed about 18″ of the fluoro into the braid using a splicing needle.  That is after I have used a latch needle to create a loop in the opposite end of my piece of hollow braid.”

wind on leaders

“Wind on leaders dominate the modern era of big game fishing compared to the old days where we used 18-foot long leaders to a swivel,” said Capt. Scott Goodwin.  “It is much better and safer to have a leader that smoothly winds down the guides and onto the reel.  The old way required the mate to wrap and deal with the loose leader on the deck taking care not to get wrapped up in it.  It is better for fishing too, because the mate no longer has to dump a long leader risking pulled hooks as the line comes tight again suddenly. The angler can smoothly wind the most of the leader onto the reel and the fish can smoothly pull it back off. It’s just the only way to go.”

wind on leaders

“There is a neat new way to finish the splice so that it cannot come undone during a slackline situation.  It is a simple series of half hitches using the tag end of the hollow braid,” said Ali.  “A dab of super glue for extra measure and you’re good to go.”

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