Bubba Blade Re-brands With A Broader Water To Plate Initiative

Bubba Blade has a long history with BD Outdoors. When the brand first came into its conception, BD Outdoors worked with the Bubba Blade team to put their products on the map in Southern California. After working with them for only a year, most of the key retailers started carrying the Bubba Blade products and many anglers added the iconic red handled fillet knives to their arsenal of fishing tools.

BD Outdoors continues to use and love their fillet knives and at the last iCast we were excited to learn of the sale of Bubba Blade to American Outdoor Brands (AOB).  “There are many emerging brands currently creating a line of fishing tools in our industry. With the requisition of the Bubba Blade brand by AOB, I knew that something special was about to happen with that company.  I was excited to see what fishing tools they would bring to fisherman”, said Michelle Gandola, BD’s Marketing Director.

BUBBA has applied their new focus on improving the electric fillet knife market and has taken this popular tool to a new level with their new design.  Built from the ground up for those who want a new way to clean fish.  The Bubba Electric Fillet Knife is ergonomically crafted to fit your hands giving you the perfect fit, and iconic non-slip grip allows you to fillet fish with ease. Hours of testing and detailing has been put into creating an electric knife equipped with the most advanced technology. The engineered ventilation has been designed for maximize motor and transmission output giving you the most efficient cut in the industry.  Included are four different blade styles that reflect our iconic tapered flex and stiff fillet knives.

The knife comes with four blades. The blade options are the following: 7” e-flex blade, 9” e-flex blade, 9’ e-stiff blade and a 12” e-stiff blade. Included are two flexible blades and two stiff blades letting you fillet any size fish at any given time. All our blades are constructed out of high carbon stainless-steel and coated with titanium nitride making the blades extremely corrosion resistant and the meat from sticking meat effortlessly falls off the knife.

Recently, Bubba Blade joined the Local Knowledge Fishing Show sponsor lineup as the exclusive tool partner for 2019. Ali & Rush have been working closely with the Bubba Blade team to utilize the new tools as they film Season 4, which will premier in April 2019. Today we are happy to share the news we received from our friends at Bubba Blade about their re-brand announcement, which kicks off their new conservation and lifestyle initiative.

American Outdoor Brands (AOB) Outdoor Products & Accessories Division, announced the launch of BUBBA, a new lifestyle brand that refreshes the company’s original Bubba Blade. BUBBA will become a fishing accessories brand known for its high-quality angling equipment ‘designed by fishermen, for fishermen’.  The new BUBBA brand, which features premium fillet knives and fishing pliers, is now positioned as an adventurous lifestyle brand, providing inspiration, motivation, and education for all anglers who enjoy fishing in salt and fresh water environments.

The BUBBA brand will expand its presence with innovative new products and exciting new engagement opportunities for new customers and brand aficionados alike.

Curtis Smith, Vice President of Marketing for the BUBBA brand, said, “Our customers have long revered the Bubba Blade brand for the product’s high-performance capabilities and superb functionality. The new BUBBA brand comes from the same DNA – but casts an even wider net to capture the fun, adventurous, high-energy lifestyle that our fans live for out on the water. In 2019, we will be introducing informative, captivating new content, inspiring stories, and perhaps most importantly, innovative new fishing products that allow our fans to enjoy and explore every level of the ‘Water to Plate™’ lifestyle.”

The BUBBA brand’s updated image and messaging is designed to engage with its audience that values conservation; pioneering better, safer angling equipment; and, pursuing an authentic, adventurous lifestyle. Consistent with those values, the BUBBA brand makes its debut in 100% recyclable packaging. The updated packaging – featuring an exciting new logo and still sporting the brand’s signature red color — is available at BUBBA brand retailers nationwide.

Smith, added, “We want to offer our customers, not only the highest-quality products possible, but also the opportunity to become a part of a larger community that shares the same passion for the active fishing lifestyle. We will be introducing several exciting new ways for fans to engage with the BUBBA brand through influencer programs, boots-on-the-ground campaigns, nationwide consumer activations, and authentic content that promotes our new direction. We are thrilled to begin this journey and we are proud to bring a unique, game-changing brand to angling enthusiasts of all levels.”


BUBBA brand is a leading US-based manufacturer of fillet knives and fishing tools that hold up under the extreme conditions of saltwater and freshwater fishing. BUBBA products are made with the best available materials, as well as a patented handle design that is safer and easier to grip. BUBBA brand is committed to providing the necessary tools for safely and efficiently releasing or harvesting and processing sport fish, whether you’re an experienced fisherman or a novice angler. For more information about the BUBBA brand, visit their website and stay tuned to BD for more information.