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Bubba Blade

If you’re looking to get a gift for the outdoorsman who has everything, you can never go wrong with a quality knife such as the new knives offered from Bubba Blade. The blade of the knife is 9 inches while the entire length of the blade and handle measures 15 inches overall. The knives are offered in two models, a stiff blade which makes a great big fish or hunting knife and a more flexible model for filleting your catch. The stiffer knife has very little flex so you can power though bigger fish or big game with total control. It’s also excellent for carving meat, with a specially designed beveled edge (sushi chef style) for thinner cuts. The more flexible model works well for chunking up bait but is really built for fillet purposes.

The blades are made from 2 mm stainless steel and each one is coated in Teflon so the knife slides easily through fish while also protecting the blade from pitting, rusting and staining.

The Teflon coating makes them super easy to keep clean as well. But perhaps the coolest feature of the Bubba Blade is the grip. Shaped like a trigger, you can hold the blade comfortably (and safely) as you work your way down a tuna’s spine. And, the specialized rubber actually stays sticky even when it gets wet so you will never lose your grip. Each knife comes with a custom black sheath with Velcro straps.