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Braid Angler’s Tool

The terminal end of your tackle is by far the most important when it comes to keeping a fish on. When dealing with large offshore fish, you really need to make sure you get a clean connection from hook to leader or you will lose fish — plain and simple. More often than not, achieving a solid connection requires tools. You may need to remove a split ring, place a crimp or secure a haywire twist. But nobody wants to carry along three or four different tools to get the job done.

Braid Angler's ToolOffshore guru Dennis Braid saw the need for a multi-purpose tool that can perform several functions while standing up to the daily abuse of saltwater big-game fishing, so he designed the Braid Angler’s Tool. If you don’t want to clog up your tackle drawerswith a pair of cutters, pliers, crimpers and split-ring openers, the Angler’s Tool is right up your alley.

The Anglers Tool is especially popular with big-game guys because not only does it feature cutters, pliers, crimpers and a split-ring end, it’s also the only tool on the market that can open and close the eye of up to a 12/0 hook. That’s a handy thing to have on your belt when rigging a trap or trailer hook.

The pliers themselves are made of stainless steel to stand up to the harsh conditions found offshore and the design is simple and effective. The tip of the tool features a split-ring opener. Below the tip is a double-channel sleeve closer for sizes .8 to 1.3 mm, as well as crimpers in two sizes to secure a connection. There’s also a line and wire cutter and an angled needle tip with steel teeth for hook removal and a variety of gripping needs.

Braid Angler's Tool

Perhaps the most unique feature of the Angler’s Tool is the added benefit of two sizes of hook-eye openers for changing out a variety of single hooks on both trolling and casting lures. There are three screws on the pliers for working with hooks. Two of the hooks feature a pointed end that you can place in the eye of a hook to open it up so you can remove it from a lure or place it onto another hook as a trailer. The screw with the flat end is used as an adjuster. This “hook gap adjusting screw” is easy to use. Start at the lock potion then adjust the screw to suit the opening you are looking to make. To open the eye of a large hook, you can use the eye of a second hooks as a spacer. For most hooks, it is only necessary to adjust the stainless steel screw on the Angler’s Tool so it will penetrate and expand the hook eye and create a gap for its removal or addition to a lure or trolling rig.

With several functions in one package, the Angler’s Tool is ideal for long-range trips or any other fishing scenario where space may be limited.

Braid Angler's ToolTo keep the tool working flawlessly, you’ll want to lubricate it regularly. The Angler’s Tool retails for around $30.

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  • Hook Gap Adjusting Screw
  • Line and Hook Holder
  • Line and Trace Wire Cutter
  • Hook Eye Closer
  • Hook Eye Opener
  • Split Ring Opener
  • Crimpers