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Hawaiian custom lure maker Bomboy Llanes uses what he sees on the water to help him design his lures. Growing up in a fishing family in Hawaii, Bomboy got an early start offshore. It inspired him to create his own lures, and he’s landed some monsters on his own creations, including a 1,258.5-pound blue marlin that hit Bomboy’s homemade Locknut lure. So, it’s safe to say that Bomboy knows what it takes to catch big fish.

Bomboy’s latest creation, the Mini-G, is a micro version of his huge Magilla Gorilla lure. Bomboy says it is a killer when run in the long-rigger or shotgun position. The shape of this lure’s head makes it a great swimmer and gives the new lure an enticing tight wiggle and impressive smoke-trail.

Interestingly, despite its island roots, it is in the fertile waters off Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, that this lure has been proving its capabilities. Dream Weaver, a local charter boat and top tournament boat, was one of the first to fish the Mini-G prototype. In the first few weeks of running the lure in the Flying Fish color, Dream Weaver caught a 70-pound-class wahoo, a 250-pound yellowfin tuna and a 52.8-pound dorado. But the big payday came in the 2010 Bisbee’s East Cape tournament when the lure nabbed the day three winning fish and helped the team win nearly $11,000.

After receiving reinforcements in the form of three more Mini-G’s in the hot colors of Petrolero, Mean Joe Green and Zucchini, Capt. Ramon Hiram Montana reported 47 striped marlin caught in four days, including eight doubles and three triples.

It is only a matter of time before the East Coast, Bermuda and other big-game fishing regions discover that the Mini-G is “Da kind,” as Bomboy would say.

The only online source for the Mini-G, as well as the other venerable Bomboy creations is www.marlination.com.

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