BoatUS Towing App Free

The summer boating season is heating up, but are you ready to handle an engine breakdown, grounding or dead battery? Just in case, BoatUS is now offering a free Towing App for your smart phone available at

With the app, you’ll be able to summon assistance from the largest on-the-water towing fleet in the world.

“We’ve got your back,” said BoatUS Vice President of Towing Services Jerry Cardarelli. “If you do have a problem on the water, we are there to assist 24 hours a day with over 600 TowBoatUS and Vessel Assist response vessels across the country ready to go at a moment’s notice, as well as hundreds of additional towing resources.”

The app also reduces tow boat response times by using the accuracy of the GPS latitude and longitude technology built into smart phones, and also adds helpful location and tracking features.

Since its launch, over 80,000 boaters, sailors and anglers have downloaded the app and more than 500 dispatches have been safely completed.

In addition to on-the-water towing dispatch, the app can be used to summon roadside assistance when you’re trailering your boat down the highway. BoatUS has access to over 18,000 roadside service providers with the ability to safely handle boat trailer breakdowns and get you on your way. Boaters can also contact their local tower on VHF channel 16, or by calling the BoatUS toll-free Dispatch Service at 800-391-4869.

BoatUS offers on-the-water towing service plans for freshwater boaterss for $58 a year and saltwater boaters for $149 a year, which includes BoatUS or BoatUS Angler membership. Roadside Trailer Assist can be added for an additional $14.

Go to or call 800-395-2628 for more information.

BoatUS Towing App