Raymarine Pro-Ambassador Profile – Captain Moe Newman

Captain Moe Newman grew up fishing the Gulf Coast. From the shores of Pass Christian, Mississippi, to Port Fourchon, Louisiana, she has experienced it all, beginning her guiding career while still in her teens.


“I was born and raised fishing out of Mississippi and fishing along the Gulf Coast with my mom and dad, and at about the age of 14 my dad took me under his wing. If I wanted to go fishing, I better be a part of every aspect of it,” says Newman.

PASSION DEFINED. In 2014, Captain Moe Newman and her father started Journey South Outfitters, one of the most reputable inshore and offshore outfitters in Venice, Louisiana. She and her team—which also includes Captain Eric Newman—excels in all aspects of fishing the diverse species around the area—from the inshore marshes and bayous to offshore waters and rigs. They are also unique in that they not only plan every aspect of the fishing for their clients, but strive to exceed customer expectations from boat to table, providing gorgeous southern hospitality lodging and a gourmet culinary experience.

Captain Moe Newman’s accomplishments have been featured in countless fishing publications and video and television programs. She is known in the industry—by hundreds and hundreds of happy clients and other outfitters—as one of the very best at what she does.

“When you’re just fishing for fun, you know it’s one thing. Now I’ve got people in the boat who are relying on me, on my knowledge and my skills to produce,” says Captain Newman.

Whether it’s the boats, motors, rods, reels, or terminal tackle she and her company choose, it all has to perform. Same goes for her choice of Raymarine and FLIR marine electronics on all of her boats, which includes Raymarine EvolutionTM autopilot, Raymarine radar, FLIR thermal camera and Raymarine Axiom Pro Multifunction Displays for navigation and fish finding.

She says Raymarine and FLIR equipment satisfies numerous concerns they face day-in, day-out as they perform their job, including getting her to fishing locations efficiently and safely.

“Once I get out to the mouth of the pass, there are times I’ll have a 30 to 50 mile run. Whatever my cruise speed is, I’m able to just lock my Raymarine Evolution autopilot in and it’ll take me there, and that’s nice for when your rides are an hour or an hour-and-a-half. Your autopilot’s letting you roll.”

NEWMAN’S SECRET. Although Captain Newman and her company are a multi-species outfitter, equally at home fishing redfish, sea trout, cobia, red snapper, triple tail, grouper, and dozens of other species, she spends a good deal of time chasing large yellowtail tuna in the Gulf. She says her Raymarine Axiom Pro units reduce the time it takes to find the right kind and size fish she most typically pursues.


Besides getting to her fishing locations with Raymarine/FLIR—and locating and catching specific species with the help of her Raymarine Axiom Pro multifunction displays with various technologies like high CHIRP and RealVision 3D—she relies on her electronics to stay safe no matter the weather conditions, especially when fishing around giant oil rigs offshore.

“When you’re in rainy, stormy conditions, I’m not in open water out here. I’m off rigs that have buoys off of them. There’s a lot of obstructions even though I’m 40 miles offshore. There’s things you can hit. And to be able to run FLIR (thermal imaging) helps me feel better protected because now I’m picking up a big rig that I see on my FLIR and I’m seeing it as clear as day.”


Ultimately, Captain Newman says she’s been incredibly happy with all of the features and performance of her Raymarine and FLIR products on the numerous boats they operate inshore, offshore, and at other premium fishing destinations.

“In my line of business, it’s very important for me to run what I feel is the best of the best—and along with my boats, my Raymarine Axiom Pro and FLIR give me the comfort and security and confidence that I can get in and get out and be productive.”

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