Navionics & BD Offer Free Fishing Spot Charts

BD Offer Free Fishing Spot navionics Charts

BD Outdoors and cartography giant Navionics (fishing app) have teamed up to bring BD’ers a unique chart application for free.Navionics charts

Using Navionics incredibly user-friendly digital chart software (navionics boating), BD has assembled key fishing GPS coordinates for three of our most popular BD areas of viewership: Southern California, Washington and Oregon, and the Florida Keys.

Now anyone can access a wealth of data and use the chart software to help plan a day of fishing at home or while visiting one of these popular destinations.

chart app

Often these spots are well known, but that does not mean they don’t hold fish. It also gives new anglers a source to get started and once in the area, find new numbers of their own.

This is how you develop your own book of fishing spots.

hot spots

You can pan and zoom the electronic charts on BD just like you can use your Navionics chart chip on your favorite plotter units. Click on the labeled spots and it will pull up the corresponding Lat/Lon for that spot. Or you can copy and print the entire list below the charts and input them into the machine on your boat.

This is a great tool for any fishermen, but especially those who are new to the sport or an area.

navionics chartsThis also is a perfect time to update your boat’s plotter to the most recent Navionics Chart Chip. They make thousands of updates per day to give you access to the most current data possible. You can also improve the charts of any area you fish with their sonar chart program, which uses your boats sonar data to upload and tweak your local charts.

Click Here to learn more about getting, updating and using Navionics Chart Chips.

Chart Options

Navionics Chart – Southern California

Navionics Chart – Washington & Oregon

Navionics Chart – Florida Keys