Long Range HD TV

Anglers taking trips on Shogun, a 92-foot long-range vessel based in San Diego, can now watch sports, news and their favorite TV shows while taking breaks from the fishing action at destinations such as Alijos Rocks and Hurricane Banks. Shogun’s owner and crew recently installed Intellian’s i6 HD-ready Satellite TV Antenna System to give its customers yet another high-end luxury for the upcoming season.

Features such as a built-in GPS system for enhanced satellite signal acquisition speeds and Intellian’s patented Wide Range Search (WRS) and Dynamic Beam Tilting (DBT) ensure that you can watch your favorite programs in all sea conditions. WRS helps the i6 quickly lock onto satellite signals, while DBT utilizes an internal sub-reflector to move the beam, rather than constantly adjusting the antenna, for quieter operation and superior signal tracking in all sea conditions. This means fishermen won’t miss any of their favorite sporting events, movies or TV shows on Shogun‘s Vizio flat-screen TV, even when Mother Nature whips the sea into a frenzy.

Shogun‘s owner, Ted Dunn, and Capt. Norm Kagawa matched the Intellian i6 with Direct TV’s Latin American satellite footprint to keep their passengers entertained as they chase giant yellowfin tuna, wahoo and other game fish at distant fishing grounds spread throughout and even beyond the Baja peninsula.

“They never turned the darned thing off,” said chef Randy Fickes, referring to the boat’s first voyage with the new Intellian system. Even though it was a relatively short three-day trip to San Martin Island, passengers enjoyed the Direct TV programming far more than the usual stack of dusty DVDs.

“They watched the NBA playoffs, baseball, cartoons, you name it.”

As fate would have it, the final night of this maiden voyage proved a perfect example of the value of staying in touch with world events. As Shogun pounded her way towards home along the dark, desolate Baja coast, passengers and crew were glued to the galley’s big screen as CNN broke the news of the mission that ended Osama Bin Laden’s terrorist career.

“As word spread among the passengers, they all ended up in the galley to watch events unfold. People gathered around the television, just as they were in homes all across America,” said Capt. Norm Kagawa.

Intellian worked closely with Kagawa and Dunn to select the best possible satellite solution, in terms of size, performance and budget.Even with its 24-inch diameter dish, the i6 antenna’s vacuum-formed housing, lightweight construction and single-cable design made installation easy atop Shogun’s wheelhouse. Superior reception in waters far beyond the tip of Baja and ease of operation for crew and passengers were also primary objectives.

“In today’s competitive business environment, you have to offer more than just a great fishing experience,” said Kagawa.“The addition of Intellian satellite TV to our boat will help keep our clients entertained and informed — and it will help travel time pass more quickly. We’re very excited about this upcoming season, and look forward to providing this added amenity to our passengers.”

To learn more about Shogun and view schedules for upcoming trips, visit Shogun Sportfishing. To find out more about Intellian’s full line of state-of-the-art satellite television and communications systems for vessels of all sizes, visit Intelliantech.