Furuno Introduces Fish It & Drift It Software Upgrades

Check out these great new features that are new in version 2.01 software for NavNet TZtouch3 from Furuno. This is going to help you drift and catch fish, saving you fuel and time.

Furuno Fish It

Furuno Fish It

Tap on a fishing location such as a pinnacle, wreck, artificial reef, point, or anyplace on the screen, and activate “Fish-It”. Fish-it creates a “Fishing GoTo Point”. Once activated: dynamic range rings pop up around the Fish-It spot, a yellow course line is drawn between the boat and the Fish-It spot along with temporary track lines, and a Fish-It data bar appears along the top of the display. Fish-It stays active at that spot until you tap the stop sign on the data bar.

Furuno drift It

Furuno Drift It 

It is a unique companion feature to Fish-It. Once a Fish-It point has been selected, the Drift-It feature can be activated on the data bar. Once activated, Drift-It automatically calculates your drift starting location to allow a perfect drift over the Fish-It spot. Drift times are selectable from 3 to 20 minutes. Drift-It saves time and fuel by removing the guesswork in determining vessel drift patterns in challenging wind and current conditions.

Learn more at the Furuno website.