Freedom Boat Club Grand Opening @ Ventura Isle Marina

If you’ve ever owned a boat, no matter the size, there is always something needing to be fixed, upgraded, or cleaned.  It’s just part of the deal and for many, it’s worth it.  But there are also many who have decided or realized the joining Freedom Boat Club is about all of the fun and none of the work.

Freedom Boat Club

That’s why Freedom Boat Clubs are spreading around the country like crazy.  Here in SoCal, we have had the San Diego office and now, owners Daniel and Jennifer Hasbrouck are excited to announce the Grand Opening of Freedom Boat Club in Ventura Isle Marina.

Freedom Boat Club

Freedom Boat Club, a division of Brunswick Corporation, opened its newest club located in Ventura, Southern California, on June 15th. FBC Ventura Isle Marina is owned by husband and wife, Daniel and Jennifer Hasbrouck, who were also recently presented with the highly coveted Franchise of the Year award for their Freedom Boat Club of San Diego. The award was a first-time win for their San Diego location which they purchased in 2014 making it the very first Freedom Boat Club on the West Coast.

“We could not be more thrilled to open our Ventura Isle Marina club,” Daniel Hasbrouck said. “This new location has unique proximity to the renowned Channel Islands National Park – which is only accessible by boat or plane, therefore it is now easier for our members and locals to visit their beloved islands.”

Daniel and Jennifer moved to San Diego from Sarasota, Florida in 2011, where they would continue their respective careers as a chiropractor and a helicopter pilot. Having both grown up in boating communities, it did not take long for their boating itch to settle in. This led to their decision to follow their passion for boating and, from then on, they made it their mission to change the boating culture of Southern California.

Freedom Boat Club

“Pioneering the first-ever west-coast Freedom Boat Clubs with my wife, Jennifer, has been a wonderful experience and a life-long dream. We are honored to receive the 2019 Franchise of the Year award and to be recognized by Freedom Boat Club during our 5th operational year,” said Daniel. “When Jennifer and I first launched in 2014, we started with 3 boats, and have since expanded to have 40 boats in operation. Though our clubs are technically 50/50 owned by Jennifer and me, it’s Jennifer who is absolutely a big part of the success of our business.”

Freedom Boat Club

With 6 Freedom Boat Club locations now operating in Southern California, members will have the ability to access almost every major harbor in the SoCal area. These marinas offer easy access to the Pacific Ocean, various inlets and islets that feature a wide array of water sports, sightseeing, and fishing.

For more information or to view a video on Freedom Boat Club:

For membership or additional information about FBC San Diego or FBC Ventura call Dan Hasbrouck, 619-981-2628 or email: [email protected]