How To Repair Boat Gelcoat From BoatUS

boat gelcoat

BoatUS video shows how to repair boat gelcoat DIY

Gel coat is the finish that keeps your fiberglass boat both shiny and protected from the elements. While major damage is best left to professional repairs, small dings are easily fixed by any accomplished DIY boater with a basic set of tools. This quick, detailed video from the BoatUS YouTube page shows just how to get the job done.

boat gelcoat A ding (a word first used in reference to damage to fiberglass surfboards) is any small crack, shatter, gouge or puncture that breaks through the gelcoat and the inner glass composite overlay. No matter how small, dings are unsightly, and, worse, provide an avenue for moisture to creep into the inner layers of material. Over time, water intrusion can cause severe damage such as delamination, swelling or rot.

As outlined in the video of how to repair boat gelcoat, all you need to complete basic ding repair is acetone, a clean cloth, a Dremel tool, paper tape, gel coat (either pre-tinted or with tint added), catalyst, paper cup, mixing stick, 180 wet and dry sandpaper wrapped around a block, 600 grit wet and dry sandpaper, clean cloth, rubbing compound, slow speed buffer, and wax and polish.

Since the gel coat needs to set and dry before sanding, mending gel coat is an overnight repair, yet well worth the time to keep your boat looking great and waterproof.

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